My original project was to translate musical rhythms into the literary world, writing short stories that would reproduce the sensation of being listening to some Bahia musical rhythm… But my project change a bit during all my intense learning in Bahia. I took percussion and dance lessons of candomblé… where I learn a lot about the orixás and how people live the religion nowadays. All this while reading about music and literature…
© 2012, Photo by Alex Esquivel
After a natural process that I gradually noticed, I realized that the rhythm I was looking for was not in the sound, but in the movement. Even playing percussions I would understand the rhythm by the movement of hands, more than a partiture in my head… Then my writing shift, I looked for the translation of the rhythm of the dance into the paper, that is, into the word. Of course some drums and music are present, but my focus was to make feel the reader the dance, to make feel the reader the body understanding of the cosmos itself – the candomblé approach. I also wrote a short story about capoeira, holding the same idea of dance/literature, and one more story about the spirits of the death, more philosophical, but related with rhythm as well.
Cristina's reading session for students in Itaparica © 2012, Alex Esquivel
I also wrote a series of haiku and free verse poetry, as stated in my proposal. One more thing that I included in my proposal was to teach a creative writing workshop and to offer a reading, both events were successfully realized, thanks to the support of the institutions.
Cristina being interviwed at a local radio station © 2012, Alex Esquivel
Ciudad Obregon / Mexico
October – December 2012
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