This residency (with the artists of the Bienal da Bahia coming and going) worked out really great for my project. I was able to meet many Brazilian artists that I found very interesting and with everyone coming and going it still felt like some of us really made tight connections and bonds at Sacatar.
© 2014, Photo by Augusto Albuquerque
My project went through it’s hurdles since it was so site specific but it turned out to be more than I could have imagined. Sacatar was very helpful in easing my worries when things didn’t go exactly as planned. I even spent some time in the studio making photographs, which I never do. Sacatar staff made me feel secure and the environment was suited for a productive and relaxing experience.
Go with the flow. Bahia is massive and changes so much from one place to another! I suggest planning a visit to Itacaré and taking the bus away from the island to get a sense of other areas.
Los Angeles / California / USA
March - April 2014
With the generous support of the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
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