In this section you can read about our former Fellows experiences in their own words. We have not translated their comments; they are in the language in which they were written. In many cases we have included images of some of the work created during their residency.

You can search for former Fellows by country of birth, year of residency or artistic discipline. Many of our artists work across disciplines and we have assigned them, sometimes somewhat arbitrarily, to the discipline in which they primarily worked while in residence, which may not be their normal area of activity. You can also search for Fellows by the partnerships and exchanges which brought them to Bahia.

The artists are listed alphabetically in the Brazilian fashion, by first name. In a country like Brazil where everyone has multiple last names, this works fine; and we have learned that it works extremely well internationally too. We don’t have to guess which name is an artist’s surname.

When you find an artist that interests you, just click on his or her name and the artist’s page will appear.
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