My goal was using a traditional technique (gesso on board, tempera) to create a number of works inspired by my surroundings here in Bahia.
© 2011, Photo by Augusto Albuquerque
Rita's work donated to Sacatar © 2011, Taylor Van Horne
I painted a series of six paintings on boards, and in addition I managed to work out a technique that is new for me – gesso on canvas (both sides). Using this technique I made a good dozen of smaller paintings. The conditions here were very good for me to complete my goals. Apart from working out a new technique, I feel I grew stylistically, and ventured into new realms of color and understanding of a culture that was new to me.
Rita Stashulionak's painting of Jacó donated to Sacatar © 2011, Alex Esquivel
Minsk / Belarus
October – December 2011
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