I wanted to continue working on characters from my fictional fishing village and developing tableaus and animations from the main story line. My time in Bahia was more than I could even imagine. Once I let go of my initial agenda - which I did within the first week - I found the opportunities and potential to be endless…
© 2013, Photo by Maristela Ribeiro
I learned very quickly (and it is also in my nature) to just go along with what is happening and walk through doors that are being opened rather than clawing at the ones I want to be opened.  This lead to many thoughtful experiences and projects still currently being developed. So, yes my projects changed, but ‘expanded’ would be a better word as it is still connected to my core project.
Screenshot of the animation 'As Estrelas de Morrinhos' © 2013, Karen Ostrom
Maristela Ribeiro (Brazil, 2007), a former Sacatar Fellow, invited me to her home in Feira de Santana. She was incredibly generous and introduced me to a village she was working with on a project which she then asked me to collaborate with her on. It’s a very moving project about the conditions in these small villages that have been marginalized and for the most part forgotten about. I made a 7 min. animation for the people of Morrinho which (was) presented to them on Jan. 2, 2014.
Projection of the animation 'As Estrelas de Morrinhos' on January 2, 2014  © 2014, Edson Machado
It’s important to shed the stress of your regular world… but once that’s done… move on all you can because there is just so much going on here that it’s impossible to do it all.  Also - be willing to switch gears unexpectedly and go in unplanned directions.
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October-December 2013
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