We continued to work on Candomblé and Evangelists. This year, the accent was made on interviews of people who changed from Candomblé to Evangelism and from Evangelism to Candomblé.
© 2014, Photo by Augusto Albuquerque
We discovered also a Quilombo at Mar Grande, with a very interesting young man who teaches capoeira to the children who have no parents, or no father, and he tries very hard but with a lot of kindness to give them an education that is missing. We filmed the capoeira which is also a part of the culture of Bahia. We went again to the night of Eguns but we could not take pictures, and they are so sumptuous… a brazilian man was taking images so we supposed it is a question of trust and to be well introduced, so we hope one day, it will be our turn to photograph them. We made a lot of contacts hoping to come back again to Bahia and Rio to continue the work and exhibit our images and films.
Jean-Michel and Dany interviewing the Sacatar cook Márcia © 2014, Augusto Albuquerque 
We have been so many times in Mali and now, it is the Hunters who want to have their images taken, and ask us, so we would like people from Candomblé knowing about our research and willing to participate like people in Mali. We went to Cachoeira and Sao Félix to give a print to each person who posed for us. They now trust us very much and that behaviour opens doors to Candomble. We have photographed Dona Dalva, five years ago, nex tyear in 2015, she will lead the procession of Boa Morte and she invited us to come back to follow this event in 2015. With her, now, it will be easier to have a portrait of all women which are part of Boa Morte…
Pontoise, France
Project in partnership with Jean-Michel Fickinger
August - September 2014
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