Márcia Daniel de Paula, Sacatar’s chef  © 2008, Dagmar Binder
The postmarked deadline for applications will be April 10, 2009, for Fellowships to be awarded between 2009 and 2011.
As most of our readers know, the Instituto Sacatar is an arts residency program on the island of Itaparica, across the bay from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Sacatar awards individuals (and, upon occasion, small groups) the time and space to pursue their creative work. Sacatar Fellows are provided a private room with attached bath, a separate studio and most meals at the Instituto’s beach-side estate. Sacatar Fellowships also include roundtrip airfare from the recipient’s closest international airport to Salvador, Brazil. Our staff provides logistical support to meet the artist’s goals during the residency.   Residency sessions typically last eight weeks.
Since 2001, Sacatar has provided residency Fellowships to 150 artists from over 40 countries. The Fellowships are extremely competitive. In 2007, we were able to offer Fellowships to only one candidate out of each seventeen applicants. 

Full information is available by clicking on APPLICATION at this website. 


Fellows January 4 – February 16, 2009: Jean Ranger, Isabel Ferrand, Olek Oleksiak (standing), Joan Szymko, Gary Pozner, Dagmar Binder (seated) © 2009, Luis Oliveira
RECENT FELLOWS – January/February 2009
For the two most recent residency sessions, we hosted six artists each time, using the maximum capacity of our current facilities. Three of the artists in residence from January 4 to February 16, 2009 were:
ISABEL FERRAND (Portugal > Netherlands)
These three artists each work on the creative outer limits of textile arts. The three artists installed work within the permanent collection of the Museu do Têxtil e do Traje, the Textile and Costume Museum, in Salvador, from February 6 through March 15, 2009. 
The Textile and Costume Museum is one of two museums founded by Henriqueta Catharino, a visionary Bahian socialite whose legacy is strongly felt in Salvador. The Instituto Sacatar is housed in the estate that she built on the island of Itaparica in 1950 as the ‘vacation home’ of the Instituto Feminino, the progressive girls’ school that she founded in the 1920s in Salvador.  Her childhood home, a beautiful mansion in central Salvador, has recently been turned into the Palacete das Artes, a temporary exhibition facility administered by the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia. 
This is the second time that Sacatar and the Museu do Traje have co-sponsored an exhibition/intervention in the permanent collection of the museum, thus re-connecting the energy of this extraordinary woman who contributed so much to the cultural venues of Salvador. 
The other artists in residence in January and February 2009 were the musicians GARY POZNER and JOAN SZYMKO and the multi-media video artist JEAN RANGER.
JOAN SZYMKO (USA) worked on the composition of a choral cantata with percussion in honor of Yemanjá, the mother of all the orixás---the gods of the African candomblé religion. She steeped herself in the magic and rhythms of Bahia, working with an ogã (a spiritual leader in the candomblé religion) and attending candomblé ceremonies both for the orixás (the deities) and the eguns (the spirits of the dead.) Her residency was scheduled to include the Festivals of Yemanjá, which occur on February 2 (Salvador and Itaparica), February 3 (Itaparica) and February 15 (Cachoeira).
With numerous Grammy nominations under his belt, GARY POZNER (USA) also surrendered to the mystical atmosphere of Bahia, composing music inspired by the pantheon of the orixás. 
During his residency, the multi-media artist JEAN RANGER (Canada) created several new performances, the result of research conducted through reading, drawing, collages, sets, sounds, videos and the collaboration with local musicians and dancers, which gave his work a strong Bahian accent. His video work was screened during the opening night of the exhibition at the Museu do Traje.

RECENT FELLOWS – October/December 2008
Sacatar typically hosts five artists at a time, but from October 20 to December 15, 2008, we used every room we have available in order to host six artists. They were:
The water and the man © 2008, Molnár Zoltán (Hungary, 2008)
            SUE ANDERSON (USA) and MOLNÁR ZOLTÁN (Hungary), both photographers, who in their first week agreed to participate in a two-day conference/workshop called Modos de Ver, under the auspices of the Clube de Fotografia da Bahia. Sue came to Bahia to continue her work with Didá, a women’s drumming group and social institution in the historic Pelourinho neighborhood of Salvador.   Zoltán (his first name) continued his international research into the interaction of humans and the sea, leaving Sacatar a handsome portfolio of images which were exhibited at the Itaparica Library and Cultural Center during the first weeks of January 2009. 
            MICHELLE MERCER (USA), a journalist for National Public Radio in Colorado, USA, provided US election night coverage from the Pelourinho. Election night coincided with the traditional benção (blessing) of the Pelourinho, which happens every Tuesday night when the drumming corps of Olodum takes to the streets. On that historic and joyous night, the Olodum drummers chanted OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! During her residency, she also completed the manuscript of her forthcoming book Will You Take Me As I Am: Joni Mitchell's Blue Period.” about Joni Mitchell. Click the following link to see it: http://www.michellemercer.com/willyoutakeme.cfm 
            DINU FLAMAND (Romania > France), in addition to writing his own poetry, translated into Romanian the poetry of the Brazilian modernist Carlos Drummond de Andrade, a poet who was influential in maintaining Dinu’s spirits during the dying days of the communist regime in Romania. 
            SHIVANI MANGHNANI (USA) abandoned work on her novel, set in New York, to write several short stories with more tropical settings, one of which is scheduled for publication in the Boston Review in 2009. 
            NICOLÁS TESTONI left Bahia Blanca, Argentina, to come to the Bahia Negra of Brazil. He produced several works during his residency, including a series of video portraits of the other artists, an evocative ‘documentary’ of the first film screening in the fishing village of Baiacu and a magical tribute to Bill Viola featuring mysterious and impossible wanderings on our beach at low tide. Nicolás was the recipient of the Prêmio VideoBrasil de Residência no Sacatar, awarded at the 16th VideoBrasil Festival held in São Paulo, Brazil, from October 9-18, 2007. Started in 1983, VideoBrasil is the oldest and largest video festival in South America (www.videobrasil.org.br). The work produced during Nicolás’  residency will be screened at the 17th VideoBrasil Festival, scheduled for October 2009.
For more information about these artists’ experiences while in Bahia, please check their individual pages under ALUMNI.

The founders of the Instituto Sacatar, Mitch Loch and Taylor Van Horne, attended the conference of Res Artis, the worldwide network of residency programs, in Amsterdam from October 9-13, 2008. As a result of the conference, Sacatar hopes to establish additional partnerships and co-funded residency Fellowships to Brazil. 
Augusto Albuquerque, our administrative director, represented Sacatar at the first ever conference of South American residencies.  This historic conference, organized by the Spanish Cultural Center of São Paulo, was held in São Paulo, Brazil, from November 22-27, 2008, with presentations by emerging residency programs from across South America. As a result of this meeting, a network of South American residency programs was formed.

Following is a partial list of RECENT news from our former Fellows:
Here are some of the Fellows we know or have heard have been in Bahia over the last few months:
Kostana Banovic
Maria Eliza Abegunde
Michael Lowenthal
Shelley Miller
Solange Lima
Vince Agustinovich
 The Exit © 2009, Anindita Dutta
ANINDITA DUTTA (India, 2006) has an exhibition at the Galerie 88 in Kolkata, India, from February 11-28, 2009.
ANDREIA PINTO-CORREIA (Portugal, 2006) will spend the upcoming North American summer at the prestigious Tanglewood Music Center Festival as one of the composition fellows of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

ANDREW MOTTERSHEAD (UK, 2008) and REBECCA FRENCH (UK, 2008) continue their international study of shopping in Romania: http://shopsproject.blogspot.com.   The blog also recounts their earlier experiences in Bahia and São Paulo, Brazil.

Be and Tamara´s wedding © 2008, Pat Oleszko
BE WARD (Australia, 2008) shared his residency session in June-July 2008 with other performance artists, including Pat Oleszko (USA, 2008). He wrote to say:
     "Recently our favourite real life wonder-woman Pat Oleszko came to Uruguay to perform a magical ceremony as a sun goddess high priestess of LOVE, converting my and Tamara´s wedding into an incredibly beautiful and colour filled event that touched the hearts and changed the lives of many of the 150 guests who came to celebrate with us. It was a super moving experience for myself, Tamara and Pat…to work together again in such a personal way on such a personal and emotive project as our wedding ceremony!!! We became even closer creative family and all hope that we can work together again in the years to come."
CAROL BARTON (USA, 2001) appeared on Weekend Edition on NPR Radio on January 17th, to announce her commemorative inauguration pop-up, which appeared in the Washington Post's January 20th Inauguration special edition.  You can make you’re your own here: http://www.popularkinetics.com/making_page.html  
CHARLOTTE MCGOWAN-GRIFFIN (UK, 2003) recently had a residency in Aomori, Japan at the Aomori Contemporary Art Center.

Charlotte will be in a show, UNDER THE KNIFE, at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California, located just two blocks from the US offices of the Sacatar Foundation.  The show opens on March 21, 2009. 

DANIEL GWIRTZMAN (USA, 2003) celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company with TIMEBOMB, presented at the Barishnikov Arts Center in New York, NY, USA, from December 16-21, 2008. Congratulations to Danny! 
DAVID POZNANTER (USA, 2008) reports:

     "While I was in Brazil I was invited to come work for Havik Circus's program at the Viva Wyndham resort here in Bayahibe, in the Dominican Republic, and I accepted. The job includes four hours a day of teaching and pulling lines for flying trapeze on our rig out on the beach, another few days of practice/rehearsal in the theater and then a show once or twice a week. It was only 17 days after I arrived that they offered me the job of running the whole program for them when they left to go open their next location in Mexico! So here I am, officially the Regional Managing Director of Havik Circus and Flying Trapeze Program for the Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach and Dominicus Palace in the D.R. I like to show off the title when I can because the truth is that the job is considerably less glamorous than it sounds!"

As Regional Managing Director, David was soon given the opportunity to hire additional staff at the resort. We are thrilled to hear that he has offered jobs to two young men, Henrique and Fábio from Capoeira União in Itaparica, with whom he worked while in residence at Sacatar. David adds:
     "I’m so, so, so very excited- should be great to have them on the team and to bring some Itaparica love/capoeria madness into our work here- yipee!
     Benefits of a program like Sacatar will never be black and white; there will never be a way to measure or demonstrate the changes in the lives/ self esteem/ confidence of each child we worked with in the circus project, no way to measure shifts in cultural perception due to exposure to different artists and art forms. It is up to each of us to just forge ahead, knowing that each person who has been touched by what we do will carry that with them forever. I personally see Sacatar as one of the most generous and powerful programs I've ever encountered, or even heard of, and it's truly and honor for me be able to offer opportunities like this as a representative of the extended Sacatar community."
For us too, such unanticipated consequences to our work here are extremely exciting and gratifying. Thank you, David!
DAWN STETZEL (USA, 2007) was an artist in residence at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology in the fall of 2008 and an honored guest at the Sitka Celebration at the Lincoln City Cultural Center in Oregon on January 11, 2009.

DEREK BERMEL (USA, 2007) had an evening of his compositions performed by the CalArts Chamber Ensemble in Valencia, California on Jan 22, 2009.

Postcards © 2009, Erik Göngrich
ERIK GOENGRICH (Germany, 2007) concluded his residency at the Chinati Foundation with a two-part exhibition, entitled Not-Site-Specific, on January 14 and 15, 2009, in Marfa, Texas. Much of the work can be seen on the internet as a series of ‘postcards’ that Erik sent throughout his residency. Erik exhibited sculpture made in Marfa from locally accessed cardboard and ‘visitors to the exhibitions may or may not discover resemblances between the sculptures and various local landmarks and eyesores they see (or don't see) every day.’
ERSI SOTIROPOLOUS (Greece, 2006), as reported in the May 2008 edition of the Jornal Sacatar, had one of her novels censored and removed from school libraries across Greece. The (de)kata Society sued the Greek government and reports:  
     "Our appeal has been successful, and Ζιγκ-ζαγκ στις νεραντζιές (Zigzag Through the Bitter Orange Trees) is back in the Greek school libraries! We would like to thank all of you for your support.  It was great to discover that so many people all over the world responded by standing with Ersi Sotiropoulos for freedom of the arts and against censorship."
GONZALO VELEZ (México, 2002) announces the publication of Alas http://velezalas.blogspot.com/ , a book of his recent poetry in Spanish. 
JEFF LONG (USA, 2001) was the first artist to come to Sacatar to ‘test’ the facilities, months before the residency program began. He has a solo exhibition of his recent paintings at the Toomey Tourell Gallery in San Francisco, CA, USA, from February 3-28, 2009.
KEITH LORD (USA, 2003) exhibits his work as part of the group show at the Brewery Project 1993-2007: the FinaleThe Brewery Project contributed to the history of contemporary art in Southern California by being an experimental, artist-organized exhibition showcase that lasted fifteen years. John O’Brien, the founder of at the Brewery Project, curates. The exhibition includes 10 artist-organized exhibitions in which a number of artists who created shows for the Project have updated them for the Finale., from December 7, 2008 through March 1, 2009, in Los Angeles, California, USA. 
LAURI LYONS (USA, 2008)is now a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and will be covering politics, art and culture. HP is featuring her new essay and multimedia piece Barack Obama and the American Dream. Click the following link to see it:
LUCIO GREGORETTI (Italy, 2005) is working on a new opera, La Fugitive, a two act opera for children with a libretto, in French, by Daniel Goldenberg. The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma commissioned the work, which will premiere on June 20, 2009.  
The CD, America, released in November 2008 on VDM Records (www.vdmrecords.com) includes Lucio’s piece, Mundus Novus, which was inspired by and sketched out at Sacatar. The CD includes work by contemporary Italian and American composers, performed by Andrea Ceccomori, flute and Elitza Harbova, piano.
Planned for release in February 2009 is a CD by German pianist Wilhelm Rodenberg. The CD will include Lucio’s solo piano piece Looking Up, alongside works by Bird, Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Debussy and Webern (Lucio’s in excellent company!), on the Musicom label (www.musicom.de).
The one act opera L'ULTIMO AVVENTORE (Edizioni musicali Rai Trade), libretto by Bruno Cagli, partially composed at Sacatar and premiered in Rome in 2007, will be released in April 2009 on a monographic CD by VDM Records. Performers are Luigi Petroni (tenor), Roberto Abbondanza (baritone), and the Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra conducted by Francesco Lanzillotta. The CD will also include BICINIA (Edizioni musicali Rai Trade), three pieces for two sopranos and marimba, based on the poems of Bruno Cagli and performed by Matelda Viola and Paola Ronchetti (sopranos) and Antonio Caggiano (marimba).
MARISTELA RIBEIRO (Brazil, 2007) was one of 40 artists selected from 3500 entries to the annual Salão of the Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia. Intending to show work she had done as a result on her Sacatar residency, she was the only artist initially not allowed to exhibit, due to an alleged ‘conflict of interest.’ Maristela is a professor at the state university of Feira de Santana and the MAM is a state-run institution. Maristela sued and won, but the judicial decision did not come until the evening of the opening of the Salão.  An entire gallery stood empty, with her intriguing photographic sculpture puzzles of Itaparica piled on a table beneath a staircase, until the legal issue was resolved. Then the table was brought forward, at least until another judge reverses the decision of the first. 
MYRONN HARDY (USA, 2002) read his poetry on January 21, 2009, at the Fleming Museum, in Burlington, Vermont, USA, as part of a poetry series hosted by Major Jackson, associate professor, UVM Dept. of English. This reading series highlights established and emerging New England poets whose work represents significant explorations into language, song, and art. On February 3, he read his poetry at the New School in New York, in an event co-sponsored by the Cave Canem Foundation.
NATHAN GRAY (Australia, 2008) exhibitedTudo que acho / Everything I think, drawn from the work accomplished during his Sacatar residency,from December 4-20, 2008 at the Narrows in Melbourne, Australia. Nathan came to Brazil in partnership with The South Project, which organizes cultural exchanges south of the equator. 
REYNOLD REYNOLDS (USA, 2006) screened his video-work Six Apartments, which he began while in residence at Sacatar, as part of the Transmediale 2009 Award
(http://www.transmediale.de/en/nominatedworks-main) in Berlin, Germany, on January 27, 2009. 
RONALDO MACEDO BRANDÃO (Brazil, 2001) is part of Verão Arte Contemporânea 3, an ambitious and far-reaching arts festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  www.veraoarte.com.br
PAT OESZKO (USA, 2008) – after officiating at Be Ward’s wedding (see above), shares with us a video of the itinerant performance by her Fellows-in-crime during the last week of their residency in Sacatar in July.  http://vimeo.com/2854415
 Detail of Shelley´s intervention in Itaparica ©2009, Augusto Albuquerque
SHELLEY MILLER (Canada, 2004) returned to Bahia with the exhibition DESEJOS EFÊMEROS at the Galeria Pierre Verger in Salvador, Bahia, which ran from December 11, 2008 to January 18, 2009.  She exhibited photographs of the work she accomplished during her residency at Sacatar---sand sculptures and ephemeral tile installations made out of sugar---as well as a mural of Portuguese ‘tiles’ fabricated out of sugar in an alleyway near the gallery.  While back in Bahia, she did another intervention in Itaparica, a sugar tile installation elaborating some texts from last fall’s mayoral campaign.  Shelley plans to return to Bahia in 2009 to participate in an exhibition devoted to sugar at the Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia. 
SIDIKI CONDE (Guinea, 2004) received a Jerome Foundation Composer Commissioning grant. The performance will be at Symphony Space in New York, USA, on March 20, 2009.
SOOK JIN JO (Korea, 2001, 2007) exhibits LIFE, DREAMS, DEATH AND LIFE, a site-specific art installation in the windows of 97 Orchard Street in New York, NY, USA, from January 8 to June 11, 2009.  The exhibition, strongly based on work developed during her most recent residency at Sacatar, was realized with the collaboration of the ESOL students from Jacob Riis Neighborhood Settlement House.  Her large-scale art piece funded by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs is scheduled to be unveiled during the first quarter of 2009.
STACEY STEERS (USA, 2006) exhibited stills from her animated film PHANTOM CANYON at the Clamp Art Gallery in the Chelsea art district in New York, NY, USA, from January 8 to February 7, 2009: www.staceysteers.com
SUNNY TAYLOR (USA, 2004), www.sunaurataylor.org, will be part of this year’s Joan Mitchell Foundation show at the CUE Arts Foundation in New York, NY, starting on June 11, 2009. 

She is also featured in the documentary film, EXAMINED LIFE, in which various philosophers ‘go on a walk’ while discussing certain aspects of their ideas.  In the film Sunny takes a walk in the San Francisco Mission District with Judith Butler.  The film has several screenings scheduled, including:

February 25  IFC Center, New York, NY
March 6-12  Sundance Kabuki in San Francisco, CA (with Sunny in a Q+A afterwards)
March 6-12  Zeitgeist Arts Center, New Orleans, LA
March 13  Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
April 3-9  Brattle Theater, Boston, MA
April 11-12  George Eastman House, Rochester, NY
April 17-18  Wexner Center for the Arts, Colombus, OH
April 24-30  Northwest Film Form, Seattle, WA

You can see a preview of the film here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zwmum5_ofU
VIGA GORDILHO (Brazil, 2004), who since her residency has joined the board of the Instituto Sacatar, assumed the presidency of ANPAP, the Associação Nacional de Pesquisadores em Artes (the National Association of Arts Researchers), in January 2009.  The annual conference of ANPAP will bring several hundred art professionals to Salvador from September 21-26, 2009. 
Utatane Invitation Photo © 2008, Yumi Kori
YUMI KORI (Japan, 2008), exhibits her first video installation, UTATANE, a result of her residency at the Instituto Sacatar featuring our beach. The exhibition is at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from January 30 to March 14, 2009. 
To take a video walk through her installation and out into the beach at Sacatar, please click on: http://vimeo.com/3278683?pg=transcoded_embed&sec=3278683

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